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That poisoned arrow found its mark. Something inside me crumbled, and I began to run.  The insult hit me like a club, bludgeoning away my femininity, my very personhood – that, that, that– and I fled from the bloody, crumpled thing that was the object of their derision.  I flew through the very first door I saw, away from the unfeeling laughter, that horrible sound that seemed to follow me everywhere.  I hated myself for being so grotesque, not just to the ignorant villagers of Sescité, but to the enlightened, sophisticated eyes of the rest of the world.  I wished the earth would swallow me whole, and bury this ugliness forever.  Hot tears blurred everything I saw, one corridor melting after another, flights of steps leading down to more.

Until I collided with a locked door.


A Novella

Some curses exist in secret, but some cannot be hidden from view. For a woman like Paulette, one glance in the mirror will remind her how monstrous she will always appear to others. But when she stumbles into the netherworld of the notorious Paris Opera House and encounters a sinister man even more deformed than she, she learns that things are not always as they seem. Of all the men she's come across, only he has been able—or willing—to see her for the beauty she is. The frightening yet hopeful bond they forge might be just enough to prove that some curses—though unbreakable—may be overcome.



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"Best Phantom book ever. I fell head-over-heels for this book from the very first page. She brought me into Erik's world years after the fiasco with Christine, and it was love at first gasp for me. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who believes in true love."

- Rebecca L. Minto


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