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Red Letter


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The Red Letter Page offers insights on topics that are relevant to all of us. With the Bible as its central focus, each article helps us to navigate through God's Word to find the answers we are looking for!

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Caring for an elderly parent is perhaps among the most difficult tasks God may set before us.  Physically, spiritually, and emotionally, being a caregiver may leave us drained and frustrated.  Though this is a particularly challenging season of life, both for the parent and well as the adult child, it will help to know that God has anticipated our needs and has some encouragement for us. Here is some Bible wisdom that may help you as you persevere on one of the most demanding mission fields of them all.



Animals are our partners here on earth.  God made them to share life with us, and to reflect His amazing creativity.  The Bible has much to say about these fellow creatures, and Scripture answers many of the questions we may have.  Do animals have souls?  Do they know who Jesus is?  Do animals go to heaven?  This devotional illuminates us on how we can better understand our furry and feathered friends from a Biblical point of view.  



I'm not beautiful.

I'm no one special.

I'm not desirable.

I don't feel meaningful.


These are just some of the lies we believe about ourselves.  Did you know that God has a counterargument to these falsehoods? In this devotional, we learn to see ourselves through our Creator's eyes, and remember our place as royal children of the King of the Universe.


Shocking Headlines

Some of the accounts from the Bible seem as if they were ripped from tabloid newspapers.  From our perspective, these scandalous accounts are nothing short of impossible.  But if the Bible teaches us anything, it is that nothing is impossible for God.  Flip the page and check out astounding accounts from an astounding God.

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